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In 2004, the ARTHUR C. ZIEF, JR. FOUNDATION, purchased an office building located in San Mateo, California, and extensively remodeled it in order to provide a new, permanent home for FHAR's administrative offices and its Employment Support Service Program . This will provide much needed expansion for FHAR, and will allow the continued relationship between the two agencies which began in 1988 when the Foundation and FHAR entered into their first joint venture of providing facilities for FHAR's programs.

The new facility, the Authur C. Zief, Jr. Foundation Building, is a two-story executive office building with underground parking. FHAR's Employment Support Service Program will be located on the first floor and FHAR's administrative offices will occupy the entire second floor of the new location.

Our address and telephone numbers are as follows:

20 East 20th Avenue
San Mateo, CA   94403
Fax: 650-403-0404

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